Pre-Ritual Bath

When you run your pre-ritual cleansing bath, add nine drops of lemon oil,
nine bay leaves & nine lemon verbana leaves on the surface, gently lower
yourself in, relax, and prepare yourself for your work ahead.

~ Barbara Morris/

House Blessing

When cleansing a dwelling place, first burn a good cleansing incense/smudge like,
"White Sage" in the home/space before you prepare for the rest of the ritual.

You should have in addition to the incense, a white candle,
A bowl of salt
Pure water and a bowl of herbs.
Particularly nice are rose buds for love,
lavender for preservation,
Sage for protection.

Begin by lighting the Sage and cleansing the space you wish to bless, chanting:

"In the name of the Lord and the lady and the stars above
I cleanse this space in peace and Love"

You should proceed around the house,(clock wise) and cleanse the area with the salt and water.
Be sure to get each corner, window, door, drain, etc. Chanting:

"Water and salt, where you are cast,
no unknown purpose or evil last,
but let in only which is willed by me,
and as I will, so mote it be."

When this is finished, sprinkle the blessing herbs/flowers in each corner,
and invoke whatever deities or properties you wish on the home,
such as peace, prosperity, remove negative energies. Chanting:

"Bless this space in the name of the Lord and the lady, so mote it be"

You and anyone who is to share the home with you should share food and drink, and don't forget to leave a little of the food and drink to take outside or leave on your Altar as an offering.

If you are performing this ritual "for" some one else,
a gift for the home owner should be left.

Barbara Morris/

Baneful Herbs and Flying Ointments is now located below

Baneful Herbs & Flying Ointments

A Charm to Secure Employment

Take a green handkerchief or a piece of green cloth roughly same size,
Next lay it flat with one of the corners facing you.
Place upon it 3 cardamom seeds
1 Bay leaf
1 Cinnamon stick

These herbs surround you in self-confidence and attract energy.
Cardamom sweetens your personality and brings out your natural eloquence.
Bay leaves are symbols of success and triumph.
Cinnamon will draw the magic quick.

Tie the corners together with a length of green ribbon, so that you have a little bundle of herbs.

Before each interview, hold this bundle and visualize yourself walking into the interview room,
radiating confidence imagine yourself being in a position to pick and chose jobs at will.
Carry this to your job interviews.
And accept that any rejection is a sign from the universe that the job was not right for you.

~ Barbara Morris/

Money Talisman

You will need;

Five pumpkinseeds
Three Cinnamon sticks
One dollar bill
Green cloth
Green candle
Cinnamon or basil oil
Green ribbon

On a Friday during the waxing moon, assemble all your ingredients at dusk. Take the candle and rub (Prosperity, basil or cinnamon) oil into it while focusing on your bills and debts being paid, see them being paid, picture your self writing checks and smiling all the way to the bank. Light the candle and take the green cloth, add the pumpkinseeds, Cinnamon sticks, and the dollar bill and fold three times, tie with ribbon. Chant while you work and focus on money coming towards you;

"Dollar bill, work your will.
Pumpkinseeds do your deeds.
Cinnamon sticks, do the trick,
Bring needed money & bring it quick".

Repeat three times burn candle for nine minutes.
Keep Talisman near your wallet or purse, and bills to be paid. Expect money to come, know it will and it shall !

~ Barbara Morris

Healing Moon Chant

'Ancient Moons, lend your power.
Bring me peace this very hour.
I call upon your strength & might,
Bless your child this secret night.'

~ Barbara Morris

Magical Oil Recipes

Pink Moon Love Oil

Create this powerful Love oil during the "Full "Pink" Moon, first full Moon in Sping.

Carve a heart into a pink candle and burn while you work...

Add below EO's to 1/4 of almond base oil
9 drops Rose oil
3 Drops Jasmine oil
3 Drops Patchouli oil
3 Drops Dragon's Blood resin oil

3 Rose quartz chips or a small rose quartz
1 Pink rose bud

Place flower & chips in small glass bottle add oils.
Chant the charm below as you work:
"Moon of pink, I just might think, I would like to cast a charm today.

Kiss this mix, with your lips, and bring a love my way today."

EO = Essential Oil

~ Barbara Morris/

Mushroom Magic Oil

Prepare during the Dark moon phase. From ten-and-a-half to fourteen days after the Full moon.

Based on 2 dram size bottle:
Fill bottle 1/2 full with Hemp seed Oil (blend)
Add, 9 drops Patchouli Oil (EO)
9 drops Bergamot oil (EO)

Add to bottle:
3 Mushroom pieces (dried)
3 Adventurine chips.
Paint small mushroom on bottle.

Use for Earth Magic, Binding, Ridding bad habits, brings Justice to bear.

Prosperity Oil

Prepare on a Friday with the Moon New or Waxing

Fill a small 1 dram bottle 3/4 full with carrier oil
(Like Sweet Almond, Joba Joba, Vit. E)

Pinch Cinnamon Chips
1-3 Malachite Chips
Pinch Fool's Gold or Gold glitter


7 Drops Cinnamon EO oil
3 Drops Wintergreen EO oil
3 Drops Bergamot EO oil

Close vial and mix, slowly 1 minute, Your Prosperity Oil is now ready for Magical use
Use to anoint Candles, Seals, Charms to attract money & prosperity.

Come To Me Oil

Attract a lover.
Use equal parts of the following;

Rose oil
Jasmine oil
Bergamot oil
Damiana oil

Nine Jasmine Flowers, fresh or dried, add flowers to small bottle, add oils
Prepare on a Full Moon for height of power.

Blessing Oil

1 to 4 lavender blossoms
2 drops each sage, basil, patchouli essential oils
Carrier oil (can be olive, almond, sunflower, etc.)

Choose a small dark vial.
Place all eo oils and flowers to the vial
Next add enough carrier oil to fill the bottle.
Shake thoroughly. Use for anointing ritual candles, self, consecrating tools, etc.

*Lavender is for purification, happiness, love, and peace;
*Basil brings protection and love;
*Sage brings purification, protection, healing, wealth, longevity;
*Patchouli brings prosperity, wards off evil and negativity, aids divination.

All of these are desirable generic attributes so makes a good blend for general purposes.

Love Oil

Add to 1/4 of carrier oil (Sweet Almond)

7 drops Rose oil
3 Drops Jasmine oil
3 Drops Patchouli oil
7 Drops Dragon's Blood resin oil

3 Rose quartz chips or a small rose quartz
3 Pink or Red rose buds

Add flowers & chips to small bottle, add oils
Prepare on a New Moon for height of power

~ Above Recipes Barbara Morris/ 2013

Prosperity Spell

To ensure a good measure of prosperity in your future, take some play money or a few Hell notes (purchased in Asian stores). Write your financial wish for the future on it. Hold it in front of an altar set with a green tablecloth and cauldron, and visualize your wish coming true. When you are satisfied with your image, say the words:

"Let my spell be spread on air.
Nothing may my wish impair.
Bring success and wealth to me.
As this I burn, so mote it be."

Burn the paper in your cauldron. When the ashes are cooled, release them to the wind.
~ Nancy Bennett

Empower your Nail Polish

On a New Moon add 3 drops of appropriate essential oil to nail polish in bottle,
choose a color that is also appropriate, like:

Red = love
Gold = money finances
Silver = Goddess magic

Mark bottom of bottle with symbol EX. Mark $ for money matters.
Add no more than 3 drops of oil, as more may ruin nail polish,
visualize your intent as you polish your nails.

~ Created by Barbara Morris/

Blessing Water

On the night of a Full Moon gather spring or rain water and
place about a 1/2 cup into a Sacred bowl, crystal, stone etc.
Next, Place 3 small white candles around the bowl,
(you can carve the symbol of the Moon in your candles as well)

light candles and add three springs of Rue to the water,
& repeat this chant;

'In the name of the Lord & Lady
& of the stars above,
I bless this water in peace & love.'

Allow the water to sit and absorb the energy of the Moon, candles & you.

When the candles have burned down, transfer 'Blessed water' & Rue in a 'sprayer' bottle
Perfect 'sprinkling/blessing'water for Rituals, House blessings, Tool consecrations ETC..

*Keep refrigerated & only make small batches.

~ Recipe Barbara Morris/

Cauldron Spirit

Many Witches pour a bit of ordinary surgical spirit [rubbing alcohol] into their cast-iron cauldrons and light it by carefully dropping in a lit match.

This is often done as part of a healing ritual, invocations to the elemental spirit of Fire.
Scrying divinations, Sabbat fire festivals,and various working rituals.
The sight of the cauldron blazing with flames can be very magical and mesmerizing,
and when the alcohol has been steeped in aromatic herbs, a sweet, but gently, incense like fragrance is produced.

To make an herbal ‘Cauldron Spirit’, put into a glass bottle a small bunch of any of all of the following: fresh lavender flowers and leaves, fresh mint leaves, fresh rosemary flowers and leaves, or fresh thyme flowers and leaves. Fill the bottle to the top with the alcohol; cap it tightly, and then give it a good shake. Keep it in a cool dry place for thirteen days, shaking it twice daily [every sunrise and every moonrise]. Strain through a double thickness of muslin into a clear bottle, cap tightly, and store away from heat or flame. Cauldron spirit will keep indefinitely.

~ Kitchen Witchery Magick Potions, by Gerina Dunwich

Lavender Ink

Scented ink will give a delicate, intangible fragrance to your personal writings,
a fragrance that will waft out as soon as the envelope or pages are opened.
It will linger mysteriously over the pages of your Book of Shadows..


1/2 oz (15g) dried lavender flowers
6 tbsp water
1 small bottle ink (you can use Dragons blood Or Doves Blood ink)

Directions :

Crush the lavender and put into a saucepan with the water.
Bring them to the boil and simmer for about 30 minutes or
until you have 2 tablespoons brown, opaque liquid left.
Strain, pressing down well. Mix the lavender liquid with the ink.

Use in magical writings, charms and spells.

~ Unknown

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Candle Magic & Magical Alphabets

Candles increase your chances for a successful spell greatly. In fact, Candles are so effective in magical workings that one could work magic with only candles as their tools. This type of magic is called "Candle Magic" Carving or 'writing' on candles adds to the over all power of your spell, using a magical alphabet adds mystery and a connection to our ancient 'magicians' of the past.

I frequently use Pictish Swirl Script to 'write' messages, and words into my candles for spells or rituals, it is an old script used by the Pecti-Wita magical tradition. I find it easy to use once on a 'roll' and MUCH more interesting looking than my normal 'English' alphabet.

When I 'carve' a candle, I use a simple pen, of course it is a special pen, I keep on my altar, but I find it MUCH easier to control than an 'awl' of 'athame'. Just write on your candle like you would on paper, slowly and beware of HOW you write, for example, if you want to 'attract' energy TO you, you would write from 'top' down, to 'Banish' energy AWAY from you, you would write from 'bottom' up…

Below is a graphic with some examples of 'Pictish Swirl', next to each one has the English meaning.
Below that is the Full Pictish Swirl Alphabet.

For more Candle Magic Visit "Candle Drippings"

2002 Barbara Morris/

Pictish Swirl Alphabet

Dream of one who has passed through the Veil

1 white candle
A picture of the deceased
A pentagram
Bag of Lavender in natural bag(cotton, muslin)
Light the white candle and stare at the flame for a few minutes. Then put the picture at eye level and say:

'You are gone forever;
But through this spell,
My dreams to which
you will come.'

Place the picture under your pillow. let the candle burn to a stub, extingush & place it in the bag of Lavender. Sleep with these items under your pillow for three nights to recieve the dream you want

~ Barbara Morris 2ooo

Sending a message to a departed love

1. ink made of soot and pink wine
2. two black candles
3. place paper between the two black candles

Write at the top of the letter:

"Thou who are mourned, see now the nature of this mourning: As thou knowest now my sorrow, so on this paper I affirm it. I write thee my heart here, for thy sight and that we may be bound by such silent words even better than when our words were spoken. Receive this letter, a sign of my commitment not to forget thee nor to cease mourning for thee until my own life shall be ended"

4. Now write your feelings, emotions, devotion, memories, love, etc.
5. Fold the paper three times
6. Seal with herbs
7. Burn in a fire.

~ Unknown

A Spirit-Summoning Spell

To create an incense portal for summoning the ancestor spirits from the otherworld, you will need an altar complete with pictures and items to honor them. In a strongly protected circle, place lavender, cinnamon, and wormwood on the coals.

Call out only to benevolent and loving ancestor spirits by saying:

"Blood of my blood, you spirits of love,
Come from below and from above;
Entities loving who wish me well,
Come to this circle when I sound the bell. "

Intone (ring) a bell three times and welcome the ancestor spirits.
Afterwards, ring the bell seven times to send them back through the portal so you can close your circle.

~ Edain McCoy

A Druidess, holding mistletoe & a sickle, standing next to a Dolmen. (Megalithic structure)
~ Painting by La Roche, late nineteenth century

Seven Sacred Herbs of the Celts

~ Nuts and Cones : Sacred to the Druids; very magical, especially in fertility magick. Small cones or acorns were sometimes used on the tips of wands used by the Celts.

~ Willow: A Druid sacred tree; one of the seven sacred trees of the Irish. the willow is a Moon tree sacred to the Goddess. its grooves were considered so magickal that priests, priestesses and artisans sat among the trees to gain eloquence, inspiration, skills, and prophecies.

~ St. John's Wort: A Druid sacred herb. The Celts passed it through the smoke of the summer solstice fire, then wore it into battle for invincibility. The people of Scotland wore it as a charm against faery influence.

~ Mint: A Druid sacred herb. Burning mint cleanses the area.

~ Juniper: A druid Sacred tree. Its berries were used with thyme in incenses.

~ Thyme: A Druid sacred herb. Repels negativity and depression.

~ Elder: A Druid sacred tree. Sacred to the Celtic White Lady and the Summer Solstice. The Druids used it both to bless and curse. Elder wands drive out evil and negativity. Standing under and elder tree at Midsummer, like standing in a ring of Faery Mushrooms, will help you see the Little People.

~ Compiled by Barbara Morris

Magical Things Happen Here !

"Full moon & candles,
magic times three.
We summon the power,
so mote it be..."

~ Barbara Morris

Full Moon Fruition Spell

A Full Moon is the perfect time to bring things to fruition.
If you have something in your life that is hanging in the balance, this is the spell for you.

You will need:

Parchment seal
Dragons or Doves Blood ink
Brown Candle
Sprinkling Herbs or Spell Powder
Fireproof vessel

On the Full Moon, gather your ingredients and depending on your needs will dictate what Seal, herbs and Blood ink you need to use.

Exp:If you have a house closing that is just not going through, use a Parchment seal for Earthly matters, herbs could be (powdered) Bay leaves or Earth Spell Powder and ink, Doves blood. Carve into your candle three symbols for the Moon, light candle. Write in "Blood Ink" on parchment seal your name and date of birth along with any other appropriate symbols. Sprinkle a SMALL amount of herbs or Spell Powders on your parchment seal, focus on seeing your need fulfilled, light tip of seal in candle flame and place in vessel, and as it burns recite this incantation:

"On this right and ready hour,
I call upon the mystic powers. ,
Secret parchment, ancient fires,
bring to me my hearts desire.,
Let the wheels in motion roll,,
All I seek will now unfold."

Let candle burn out or snuff before leaving.

~Written by Barbara Morris on Facebook

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Witches Sabbats

The eight Major Witches Sabbats are:

Samhain -- (October 31) This is considered the first day of the New Year for most witches and pagans. Also known as Halloween, this is also the day to honor loved ones who have passed away during the previous year. Because the veil is thinnest between the worlds of the living and the dead on this day, Samhain is a good day for divination. Colors for this day include black, purple and orange.

Yule -- (December 20-22, depending on when the solstice falls) This day is also know as the Winter Solstice. It recognizes the shortest day of the year, and symbolizes the death and rebirth of the sun, as represented by the God. Gift giving, decorated evergreen trees, holly sprigs, and of course, the Yule log are only a few of the symbols of this season. Yule's colors are red, green and white..

Imbolic -- (February 2) Also know as Candlemas or Imbolic, this holiday signals the end of winter's gloom and the anticipation of the coming spring for most witches and pagans. Candles to banish the darkness of the winter season are the symbols of this day. White and pastels are the colors for imbolic..

Ostara -- (March 20 -22, depending on when the equinox falls) This holiday, also known as the Spring Equinox, celebrates the newness of spring and the rebirth of life on the earth. Symbols of new life to come, such as seeds and eggs, take center stage on this day, and pastel colors are used as well..

Beltane -- (May 1) This holiday celebrates the joys of love and union, and honors the sacred marriage of the God and Goddess. For this reason, Beltane, also known, as May Day is an especially favorite time for handfastings, pagan wedding ceremonies, to be performed. Symbols of this day include any trinkets signifying romantic love, maypoles and flowers. The rainbow colors of the spectrum herald this day..

Midsummer -- (June 20 -22, depending on when the solstice falls) This holiday, also referred to as Summer Solstice or Litha, is the major solar festival, and recognizes the day when the longest day of the year and the shortest night. This is when the God is in his greatest glory and strength, but it also recognizes his impending and inevitable death. Bonfires and sunflowers are the symbols for this day, and all sun colors -- gold, orange, and yellow -- are appropriate.

Lammas --(August 2) Also known as Lughnassadh or Cornucopia, this is the first festival of the harvest season. Symbols for this festival include the signs of harvest, breads, fruits and vegetables. The holiday colors are browns, dark gold’s, and reds. This is also a good time to harvest herbs for magical use.

Mabon -- (September 20 -22, depending on when the equinox falls) This holiday, the second of the harvest celebrations, and is celebrated much like Lammas. The symbols and colors are the same..

= Copyright 1999 Lady Serenity's Sacred Circle

Freezing Negativity Spell

The virtue of magic is often characterized by the nature of the practitioner. As long as there is a magical community, there will be people who use the magical arts for ill intent and for personal gain as well as those who strive to use the arts to improve the quality of life. Ideally, the first type of people would be retrained to use their skill for the benefit of all. However, at times, we may have to settle for merely stopping the hurt. To stop the negative actions of a misguided practitioner of magic, write his or her name on a piece of paper. Place the paper in a jar, and fill it with water. Place the jar in your freezer; as the water freezes, so will the ill actions of the negative practitioner.

= Written By Gwydion O'Hara

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